Foster-White Family History
David W. Foster
Welcome. My name is David Foster and what follows is an in-progress history of my family. My father, Alden Foster, who passed away in January of 1976, left behind a manuscript that was compiled by two distant relatives in the first two decades of the twentieth century. My discovery of this was the beginning of my ongoing interest in our genealogy. The earliest record I have of the Foster side of my family in America is Alexander Foster, who settled in Pennsylvania sometime between 1728 and 1730. My mothers side of the family, White, is a little more sparse in information, so this is where I am doing most of my research. The earliest record I have for the White side of my family is a Benjamin White, from Missouri, dating to the mid-nineteenth century. My mother, Mildred Foster, who provided a wealth of information throughout the years, passed away in July of 2008, so I’ve lost a valuable resource. I am currently looking for surnames of Foster, Butler, White, Schenck, and Revard. If, after looking at these pages, you have questions, or anything to add to this project, please contact me. An e-mail link is provided below. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
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